Smoothen Out Vaccination with The Involvement of Technology

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The vaccination program has entered the second wave but ironically conducted without implementing the COVID-19 protocols. Read here!

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The government keeps promoting the vaccination program, and currently has entered the second round which is aimed for the public servant and elderly. Ironically, the execution was frequently conducted without implementing the COVID-19 protocols.

The vaccine program was being encouraged in order to create so-called herd immunity amongst society. The first wave was successfully done to medical personnel who fight the pandemic in the front line.

After successfully round one of vaccination, the second was held quite differently since it was targeted at more participants. The ironic thing is that the implementation of vaccines sometimes creates a crowd of people. Reports indicate that crowding occurred caused by a long queue. Even so, one of the health protocols is asking people to avoid crowds.

The minimum number of field officers is often considered as the scapegoat of the crowding. They are accused of being negligent in duty and not strict with health protocols in avoiding crowd participants. The preparation and implementation of standard operating procedures for field offices during the process also get into the spotlight. 

On that occasion, one effective way to avoid crowds is to take advantage of technology. Qlue provides QlueVision which can detect human faces accurately. With IoT technology, QlueVision also able to detect once there is a crowding in a location. 

After being detected with QlueVision, our solution called QlueSense is also able to assist the authorities to give a voice warning to the crowding spots. The warning deployed from our solution also can be adjusted depending on the real-time situation, and the warning is customizable as well. 

The voice warning can be effective as a warning system in preventing a crowd. People who get into the crowd will feel the presence of the authorities, so they will encourage themselves to follow the health protocol. Likewise, all the vaccine participants and the vaccine officers who would enter the vaccination area can have their body temperature checked by QlueThermal. The other solution from Qlue, besides detecting body temperature and mask usage, is able to count people in order to analyze the building occupancy. 

The involvement of technology became essential amidst this COVID-19 pandemic. We can minimize the virus transmission which may occur by physical contact. Redundant work from your officers will be minimized by technology. And most importantly, these solutions will allow you to have more efficient in-ground personnel and provide you with real-time data to mitigate the next step decision.

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