Improving Quality of Life Through AI Computer Vision

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Alam Sutera implements vehicle license plate recognition, dynamic traffic control, illegal parking detection, and voice guard.

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Alam Sutera is one of the largest property developers in Indonesia which was established in 1993. In developing its residential properties, Alam Sutera focuses on innovation to improve its citizens' life. Alam Sutera has more than 400 Ha of land in Serpong, Tangerang, which comprises residential area, apartment, shopping center, and exhibition area. 

With such an enormous area, Alam Sutera needs to ensure its residential safety, security, and mobility while also efficiently allocate the number of on-ground security officers. In 2017, Alam Sutera collaborated with Qlue to implement Qlue’s AI computer vision technology, QlueVision and QlueSense.

By utilizing QlueVision and QlueSense, Alam Sutera implemented four solutions. The first one is license plate recognition (LPR) which is used for recognizing vehicles which go in and out in one of the clusters to improve security. For future implementation, the LPR can be also integrated to boomgate to verify the vehicle license plate of the residence, allowing them to enter the cluster without having to do anything.

The second is illegal parking detection, which enables conventional CCTVs to be able to detect illegal parking violations in several roads in Alam Sutera areas. By implementing this solution, Alam Sutera management is able to get insight which roads are prone to illegal parking violations while also recording the vehicle license plate automatically.  

Third solution that is used by Alam Sutera is voice guard or smart speaker. Some of the illegal parking detection in Alam Sutera is also equipped with voice guard, so it will be able to drive away the illegal parking violators automatically by reading aloud their vehicle license plate number. 

The last solutions implemented by Alam Sutera is to solve the mobility problems in some intersections in the area. Dynamic Traffic Control (DTC) is an IoT device that allows the traffic light's duration to be adjusted automatically based on the vehicle density. 

By implementing these solutions, Alam Sutera allocated the number of on-ground security personnel more effectively and efficiently, thus allowing them to conduct cost-efficient business operations. In addition, Alam Sutera has also improved its residents’ mobility through DTC. 

All the data from the solutions will be gathered and visualized in an integrated dashboard, providing Alam Sutera management with valuable insight and information. In terms of mobility issues, now Alam Sutera management knows better which areas are prone to illegal parking violations, and which vehicles that often violate the parking regulations. By knowing this, the management can allocate the number of on-ground security officers better than it was. 

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