Arranging Traffic Flow Towards the Normalcy

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The number of daily passenger vehicle trips has hit a major milestone, reaching pre-pandemic levels. How to alleviate the traffic congestion? Find out here.

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The number of daily passenger vehicle trips has hit a major milestone, reaching pre-pandemic levels for the first time in a year as some countries are rebounding after fully vaccinating their citizens. How to alleviate the traffic congestion? Find out here.

The rollout of Covid-19 vaccines have brought hope towards a rebound in some countries. Countries with the highest vaccination rate are headed to coverage and eventually returning to normalcy. In high-vaccination-rate countries, fully vaccinated people can now safely engage in outdoor activities and resume the activities they had stopped because of the pandemic.

As some countries with high vaccination rates are planning to embark on the path of reopening, an article published by the Work Research Group at Vanderbilt predicts a sweeping switch to a single-occupancy vehicle commuting that leads to extreme traffic in large metropolitan areas. The increasing traffic counts are likely to continue their upward trend in late August as many students will be returning to school for the first time since march 2020. 

While the rise in traffic vehicles is approaching pre-pandemic levels, traffic management plays an important role in this case. Traffic monitoring through image processing techniques can lead to better control of the flow since manual traffic monitoring is no longer adequate to keep a good standard of mobility. Hence, for an effective traffic management, vehicle classification and vehicle counting are the key modules that serve as a base for almost all the use cases built for traffic analysis. provides solutions that can optimize traffic flow with vehicle detection and recognition. Our vehicle classification is able to detect, count, and classify vehicles up to four categories: motorcycle, car, truck, and bus in single counting line. All of the data can be streamed in real time for a quicker response to traffic conditions. With our vehicle counting feature that has the ability to estimate the density of the road, it allows the transportation authority to formulate new operational policies for a better and more convenient traffic flow. Therefore, the traffic congestion spots would eventually be reduced as well as the cost and pollution.

While the increase in traffic volumes may show a good sign of returning to a normal life, we can’t take our attention away from how the problems before the pandemic may also reappear. It may seem like a never-ending problem, but with solutions, there’s always a way to solve the problems.

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